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Written by The Chancellor

Thank you for visiting the SPACE Caching web site. SPACE stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Association of Caching Enthusiasts.

We are a group of Geocachers based in and around the Bucks County Area.

The group has been started in response to the popularity and quality of our inspiration, the LOST Cachers group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our current goal is to create a caching series similar to LOST 81 in Bucks County and surrounding areas. That series is called SPACE 2081: A Geocaching Odyssey.

The plan is for SPACE to continue as a geocaching group after the 2081 series. In the future we intend to tackle other endeavors such as creating a power trail, hosting events, and placing other quality geocache series.

At this time, the current membership is closed and anonymous. There are many reason for this but once the 2081 series is complete we will end the secrecy and possibly open the books for new members.

The website is currently here for informational purposes. We have created open forums for geocachers to discuss and ask questions about the caches and puzzles in the series, arrange quick, local meet-ups, or just open discussion about any topic. Feel free to register and post a question or comment in the forums.

Thank you for visiting the site.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Space2081 through Geocaching.com.

The Chancellor

2081: A Geocaching Odyssey

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