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June Update

Written by The Chancellor

Well, the dog days of summer are upon us right??  Apparently not with this weather we have been having.  Seems like a good time to head out and get some more SPACE 2081 Caches.  That being said we would like to use this space to give brief updates to the group and the series.  So, I will begin with the most important part the caches.


We are extremely happy with the caches we have out so far.  19 in total and counting.  Still a long way from 81 but a good start.  As we have mentioned before there is no set schedule for cache releases.  We don't want to force cache releases and make the quality suffer.  With a lot of the easier caches already released there may be a little downtime in between caches.  The good news is that will give a lot of people a chance to catch up. 

We are trying to up the quality and difficulty at the same time.  This will of course take some time.  We hope people are not getting frustrated with some of the more difficult caches.  The group took a long hard look at what the standard difficulty and terrain criteria are and we are aiming to fit that mold.  Not every cache should be easy.  There will be caches that require special equipment, teamwork, or just an investment in time for a thorough search.

We encourage people to visit the website forums for assistance.  There are a number of people plugged in and if you need assistance with a particular cache we always help out (except for maybe those that haven't been found yet).


Trowel32 is still holding a slight lead for the first place spot.  Up until last week's caches were published she was the only cacher to find al 17 currently published.  There was an unfortunate DNF on Green, Not Easy It Is Being and the Area 51 puzzle seems to be giving even the most  masterful puzzle solvers a tough time.  But hopefully she can knock those two out and soon and claim the perfect record again.

Team Degoldy and Supremepredator are locked into second and third place.  Degoldy with the slightest lead thanks to his FTF.

The rest of the top ten is filled with the usual suspects who seem to be keeping pace as the new caches come out. 

It has also been nice to see some new names enter the ranking as they have seemed to discover the series including HBWG, BTDT, M&W, Caver Bill, and Rebel Cruzer.  We hope they continue to enjoy the series and climb the rankings.


We continue to add some new great features.  In the near future we hope to add a features page which will give a brief description of each of the unique pages.  Our goal is to provide a website which can be a home for cachers as well as place for them to view their SPACE 2081 stats.

The core of the site is the forums.  They are a place to ask for hints.  Discuss puzzles with other cachers and maybe even plan a caching excursion to make that team effort on a particularly difficult cache.  We have lots of plans for the forums but just like with anything the activity takes time to build.  So, register today and see what going on.

We have recently added a great feature with is the interactive cache map.  You can go to the map and see all of the 2081 caches and click on them to go direct to the cache page or 2081 stats.  There is of course the rankings page which we hope is unique in how it ranks finders with extra weight going to harder caches and FTFs.  And lastly there is the individual finder page where you can check your status on the grid or any other finder for that matter.

Well, thanks for checking in.  Please feel free to send any feedback (good or bad).  You can email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just post a message in the forums.


The Chancellor


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