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February/March 2015 SPACE Update:

Written by Trekkie101
Now that we have a few more caches released, we can reveal few more details about the final few SPACE caches. As of this moment, we have 12 SPACE caches left to release. Our plan is to sporadically release all but 5 over the next few months. After that, we will stop releasing caches for approximately a month or so to allow time for everyone to catch up and get on a (roughly) equal standing and to allow us to place the final 5 caches and make preparations for the final - which will also be the 5.0/5.0. The final 5 caches will all be released on the same day this summer. We anticipate this to be sometime between the Summer solstice and Labor Day Weekend - we will decide on a date as we get closer to the end of the series. The weather this winter will likely play a large factor in deciding the final release date. We hope you continue to enjoy the series, be sure to keep an eye on the SPACE rankings on Live long and prosper!
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